Host a Quarterly Book Event

This activity can bring your child’s favorite books and characters into their real life. Part celebration. Part motivation.

  • Discuss books that your child and other kids are reading and enjoying. What books are popular?
  • Want to plan a (title of book) party – or afternoon?
  • Have your child decide the book – then pick a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the book party. Who? How many?
  • Buy a book for everyone who is invited.
  • Write the invitations – and print them up like book marks. Together – write the invitations – and tuck them inside the front covers.
  • Invitation could say something like, “(Book title” is where it’s at. Come dig into the details and have some fun on (date – a couple weeks out to give them time to read it in case they haven’t already).
  • Here are some party ideas
    • Plan a menu the protagonist would enjoy.
    • Greet them in character
    • Have a (book title) jeopardy game with prizes. Who said what?
    • As they leave – a take home gift of …..?
  • Do it all again a few months later.