Hold On!

Okay. I know every parent already does this in some form, but it can be such a lovely learning tool that it warrants another mention. The purpose is to build your young child’s awareness of movement and connection and feelings … and love.

  • Hold your child and dance. Talk about your movements as you do them.
  • Let’s sway. After a couple of sway moves, look into their eyes and connect. Do they like it? Do they want to do it again?
  • Let’s spin. Glide. Dip. Did you like that? Bigger dip. Stretch.
  • See if they can direct you and tell you what they want.
  • Talk about the moves you like best.
  • Show how you like to move if you feel sad or happy or sleepy.
  • Can both Mommy and Daddy hold the child between them and all dance together? Fancy footwork. Dip. Stretch. The sky’s the limit.
  • Play a love song. Let them feel the love as you dance.