Scripts: Greetings!

The purpose of these discussion ideas is to help your child appreciate that all the world is really a stage. Learning a few basic manners (scripts) helps us all interact with our community – easing our way and getting us all through common situations while showing respect and care. By hearing and learning the words and actions, and by being able to turn to them when the situation demands, they can show that they respect others and want to belong. They grow into the community.

  • Help your child appreciate the importance of greeting others – the importance of hello and good-by.
  • Can you imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t greet each other? What if someone came into our home and we didn’t even look up? What would happen? What might they feel?
  • Manners help us all know how to handle those situations easily.
  • Sometimes it can be quick and easy – like “Hi!” while catching each other’s eyes. Is this how you and your friends greet each other? Do you have other ways?
  • Other times, especially when we meet someone for the first time, we give our names, look into each others eyes and shake hands. That’s a little more formal. How would you feel if there was someone in your group that you hadn’t met? Knowing how to greet makes it easy for everyone.
  • Let’s think about if a friend had dinner at our house and they just left and we didn’t know it. What would that be like for you? Why do you think saying good-by is important?
  • And while we are at it, if that friend had dinner with us and just left, are there other words it would be important for us to hear?
  • Before you go to an event or celebration where you know your child will be meeting new people, have some fun anticipating and practicing.