Folk Heroes

These conversation pointers can help your child recognize that stories about ordinary people who fight for what is right can help us all be strong. Before you begin, start to notice the heroes in your child’s life. Favorite books? Cartoon or movie characters? Video games? Or even real life heroes? Folk heroes are ordinary people – like you and your child – who face tough circumstances. No super powers here – just humans at their best. Super heroes come from a different place.

  • After reading a story featuring a hero, tell your child why you see that character as a hero. I like the way that character struggled with how to help, but then mustered up their courage to stand up to that mean king. This exposes them to the concept of hero.
  • What do you think was going on in that character’s mind and heart when they stood up for what was right? Do you think they were scared?
  • Sometimes heroes step outside the rules to make things better for others. How might you know if it is time to break a rule?
  • Malala is a real folk hero who is alive today.  Here’s a book by Malala.