Fashion as Political Statement

The intention of these conversation starters is to help your child recognize political statements being made with fashion. Perhaps they have participated in a march already – or have worn a cap or a pin supporting a candidate or a cause. These are powerful expressions of belonging – publicly sharing their ideas and commitments. It is also a vehicle for standing apart and expressing individuality. Art in real life – on the edge.

  • In 2018, millions of people marched in Washington and in cities all across the country and around the world. They were protesting – coming together to voice their concerns about women’s rights and other causes. Many wore pink hats as a signifier of what they believed.
  • Would the march have been as effective without the hats?
  • Many people wear pins to express their preference for particular political candidates. Do you think people should wear their campaign pins to work? Do you think it makes a difference if someone’s boss wears one?