Does How You Move Tell Your Story?

The intent of these conversation ideas is to help your child recognize that people tell you some of their story by how they carry themselves. Dare I call it dance? They can communicate something about the group(s) they want to belong to. Something about their confidence. Ultimately we want our children to recognize that they control their own messages.

  • You can begin with a few adults at a distance. Help them notice details and patterns.
  • Do they walk with energy? Hold their heads up? Hands in pockets? Do they keep adjusting their cap? Twirl their hair?
  • Do you have any ideas about what might be going on in their lives? Do you think they are tired? Happy? Confident?
  • If you notice a group of teens – explore what your child can read from how they move together. Often groups of people walk the same way, same posture, etc. Do you think they are athletes? Into hip hop?
  • Do you think people can adjust how they walk?
  • If you walk in a different way, do you feel different? If you hold your shoulders back and head high? Or if you scuff, round your shoulders and look down, does it affect how you feel?

Self awareness is the goal for them. Simple conversations about movement in others is as far as you need to go. Let them make the leap to their own action.