Different scene. Different performance.

The purpose of these discussion ideas is to help children recognize that we all adjust how we act based on context – and that can be a good thing.

  • An easy way to introduce this concept can be as you prepare to attend an event with a little more formality than what they are accustomed to.
  • We’re going to Auntie’s wedding and its important that we all are ready to help make it special. Not only do we dress up a little, we also want to be sure we don’t distract from their celebration. So we will be sure to sit still during the ceremony. And we will practice good manners by introducing ourselves. to new people …
  • Can you think of other situations where people act differently? Can you run around at a party? At Grandma’s house? At church?
  • How do you know and how do you decide?
  • Share some stories from your childhood when you noticed people were acting differently and you didn’t know quite how to act. Visiting a family from a different faith?
  • But – the most important part of this discussion is to help your child understand that, no matter what, they don’t violate their values. Talk about your values – respect, kindness, etc.
  • Adjusting how you act can be a way of showing respect to hosts.
  • Doing something you know is wrong just in order to belong to a group …. very different. Mention a time you felt uncomfortable with a social situation and how you handled it.