Did You Know There’s a Whales’ Top 10?

These conversation starters can help your child appreciate music as a connector and that music evolves over time. This article. Humpback whales have distinct song cultures, can give you some background info.

  • Share this video of whales singing.
  • Did you know that whales enjoy music as much as we do? They often sing long songs as they travel, inventing new melodies and rhythms. The music keeps them connected with one another across great distances.
  • Whales are like people another way too – they like to make new music all the time.
  • Let’s think about some songs we used to like and listen to a lot.
  • When I was your age, my favorite song was ___, for a while. But then, when I got in high school, it was more like ___ and ___.
  • What are your favorites now? Do your friends like the same songs? Do you talk about them with your friends?
  • Let’s think about some songs you liked when you were smaller. (You might need to help them remember.)
  • Sing an old song or two together, commenting on how it brings back so many memories. Those songs will always be in your heart, even when you are 70 years old, even though you will have had 100’s of new favorites since then.
  • I wonder what Grandma or Grandpa’s favorite old songs are. Let’s plan on asking next time we see them.  Maybe we can get them to sing them for us.