Decisions. Decisions.

This conversation with your young child can build their awareness of motivation. Often we simply say we like / don’t like something without diving into the ‘why’s. of our choices’

Ask your child to pick out an article of clothing for an upcoming ‘event.’ Going to a party – or a movie – or …

Once a decision is made, ask …

  • Why do you like this one?  For today? (This may be difficult for them because it delves into the arena of ‘taste.’ Their reasons may be totally subconscious at this point. Keep asking “Can you think of any other reasons?” Cool? Fit? Color? It’s like other kids are wearing? It’s like what ( ) wore. Etc. )
  • Are there times you think this is perfect and other times you think something else would be better? Why? How can you tell? (Again, be patient.)
  • Talk about what you will wear – and why.