Dancing My History

This conversation will help your child appreciate how dances – what is in or not – evolves with each generation. And, by doing those old dances together, its like stepping back in time togethere.

Every family’s heritage is filled with traditions. These conversation ideas can help your child feel the pride and power of celebrating their culture. They feel connected to earlier generations and to each other. Even when they are at school, the warm and fun memories can keep kids feeling safe – and special. This discussion can be more of a dance-a-thon than a conversation.

  • “When I was your age, everyone was doing the ( ) dance.” Get out of your chair and give them a treat.
  • “Later, when I was in high school, we did ( ) and ( ) and ( ).” Again – give them the thrill of stepping back in time.
  • When we (you and spouse) were dating …
  • On our wedding day, our first dance …
  • Some dances change all the time – teenagers are great at finding new ways to have fun with music.
  • Some dances are fun forever – for example, I remember your first dance – when you were tiny – was a happy dance (demonstrate)
  • Then there is the bunny hop and the hokey pokey and the macarena and the …..