Create Storytellers By Telling Stories

The intention of this activity is for children to hear you spin a yarn or two.  Or tell real anecdotes – in a dramatic way. The magic comes from using something in their real life as the launch point.

  • Expand your bedtime routine to include ‘fresh’ stories – stories they can add to in real time.
  • Starter idea: When you were just 2 years old, your favorite umbrella looked like a frog. Then make up a story about what that special umbrella (shoes, pjs, etc.) did when not in use. It’s secret life.
  • Once upon a time, long ago, when Daddy was just a little boy ….
  • Did I tell you about the time Grandma brought some stars home in her pocket…?
  • Encourage them to add twists and turns.
  • Take turns starting stories.
  • Develop a standard way of winding down until the next bedtime, like, “and so, we leave this story tonight. We will let those characters go to sleep. Maybe we can revisit them tomorrow?