Clothes Can Show Faith

These conversation suggestions can help your child appreciate how the clothes we wear often tell the world something about what we believe or feel is important. Many religious communities develop specific ways for people in their communities to show their connections – that they belong to a shared belief community.

  • Here is an image from the Amish community. Read more …
  • What messages are they sending about what is important to them? About their values?
  • Explore evidence of different faiths in their lives.
    • How might we know that someone is a Muslim?
    • Judaism?
    • Sikhs?
    • Christian? (wearing crosses? Any other ways?)
    • Mormons?
    • First Peoples?
    • Buddhists?
    • Wiccans?
    • The list goes on. Think about each of the global regions and the faiths you might find in each one. How do they each show belonging?
  • When people wear clothing that indicates something about their faith, is it like people who want to wear clothing showing their favorite team? How is it the same? Different?
  • What can’t you tell based on their clothing? Can you tell if they like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just like you? Can you tell what they like for music?
  • Are there kids in your school who wear clothes that might indicate their faith? Does it make a difference to you?
  • I remember the first time I saw someone from (  ) faith, …. Here’s what I felt and learned.