Ceremonial Attire

The purpose of these discussion ideas is to help your child understand the role clothing plays in important ceremonies in life. Clothing adds solemnity and serves to indicate the special stature of officiants. Although the image and quote in the attached article relate to Catholicism, these discussion ideas provide you with a perfect opportunity to explore some of the details of your faith with your child. Bottom line? Clothing matters.

A priest recognized that those “clothes are not just about me, they are about my relationship with everyone out there. When I wear that black clerical shirt in public, when I pull that white tab across my throat, I am giving myself to them. The people I encounter then, they no longer see the ‘me’ I’d like them to see…Instead, they see ‘priest.’” Read full article.

  • Why do you think (ceremonial leaders) wear special clothing? What if they dressed like everyone else?
  • Do you think we should act differently with them when they are wearing their special clothing? Are they still the friendly person we know, or are they actually a slightly different person?
  • Do special clothes bring special powers?
  • Explore the symbolic aspects of the special garments. Gold signifies … The shape of the sleeve reflects …
  • What have you noticed about how judges dress? Do you think it makes a difference?
  • Occasionally point out to one another when you notice someone wearing ceremonial clothing.