Can You Dance With Your Hands?

The purpose of this conversation is to help your child see and feel the art of dance in their own homes and in their own bodies. You can help them recognize the freedom, fun and expression of moving their bodies. Most of this conversation will be action – a playful back and forth. They can experience the thrill of coordinated movements – working together as well as doing their ‘own thing’.

  • With music playing in the background – My hands feel like dancing to that music. (Do some easy rhythmic moves with your hands. Or flying or swaying moves. Or hands spiking into the air moves. Or even working your fingers like legs.)
  • Select one easy combination and ask, can you do this?
  • What do your hands feel like doing with this music? Let’s see If I can do it too.
  • Let’s take turns showing and learning.
  • Want to try it to a different kind of music?
  • These are jazz hands – dazzle dazzle.
  • Can we do the same thing with our feet?
  • Let’s do a lip dance. Are you ready?
  • Ohhhh – the belly dance.
  • Butt dance? Let’s get mommy or daddy in here to join us for the butt dance!
  • Let’s see if we can help these stuffed animals dance?