Baby Talk and Puppy Talk

The purpose of these conversation ideas is to help your child notice and appreciate how we use our voices in different ways to connect and communicate more effectively. It may not seem like singing, but we naturally adjust the timbre and pitch with babies (and puppies) as if they have a special song. Here is some recent research.

  • Have you noticed how people almost always use different voices when they engage with babies? Why do you think we do that?
  • Science has shown us that it is a powerful way to get and keep their attention so we can really connect. So they feel our attention. Feeling connected is an important part of being human.
  • Do you see a difference if you use a quiet low voice with a baby? Do they pay attention in the same way?
  • If you want a baby to be comforted and quieted, would you use your voice in a different way?
  • If we use our high voices do you think we sound more sad or happy? Calm or excited?
  • Bedtime voices?