Are There Rules About Hair?

The purpose of these discussion ideas is to explore with your child the role cultures play in defining hair style expectations.

  • Help them appreciate that sometimes people’s hairstyle tells a story of belonging.
  • Explore differences between styles for men and women? Why do they think they evolved that way?
  • Explore global differences.
  • Discuss hair in your childhood. Did you have favorite haircuts? check out old pictures? Ask grandparents about their hair histories? Any favorites?
  • Explore ways people make their styles unique. Color? Clips? Braids? Dreadlocks? Bangs?
  • Notice a billboard or media images – any trends for men? Women?
  • Why do they think trends keep changing?
  • Explain that some cultures, countries and religions have specific expectations about how people should wear their hair. Many faiths have rules. Sikh men and women don’t cut their hair. Native Americans.
  • Explore hair guidelines or expectations in your faith and those of your friends.
  • Are there any expectations at their school? Do any kids get teased for how they wear their hair?
  • Does a person’s choice of hair style tell us something about them?