Act Your Age!

This conversation can help your child appreciate how much we are ‘in choice’ about how we act throughout the day. And that, the older we get, the more the world expects us to act in socially acceptable and supportive ways. We learn how to act.

Ask your child what the phrase ‘Act Your Age’ means. What might an eight-year-old kid do that would seem more appropriate for a three-year-old? (Temper tantrum? Throw things? Cry? Pee in his pants?)

Do you think it’s fair to expect an eight-year-old to act differently? Why? (Because they have to be on their own in school? Because they are allowed to ride their bike three blocks away from home and they need to show they can be trusted? Because they are on their way to becoming a grown up?) It shows they are learning about the world and can get along with others – and be safe.

Have you ever seen anyone at school who didn’t act their age? What happened?

Why do you think kids sometimes don’t act their age? (They don’t know what they are supposed to do. If they act they way at home it gets them what they want. Any other reasons?)