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Spinning Family Gold

So, you’ve had a few weeks of Culture Sleuth conversations. Congratulations!

And congratulations to your family too. You have opened a door to new ways of connecting. New ways to understand and celebrate one another and what makes them and your whole family special. And lots of new ways to have fun await.

Below you will find a few initial ideas on ways to spin those family stories into gold. And we are counting on hearing your ideas too.


Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! Think about ‘publishing’ a family culture newsletter. You can share results, funny pictures, feature a long story or two. Ask everyone to think about a specific question or challenge. Perhaps guest contributors?

Family Yearbook

Say ‘cheese.’ Gather school photos. Add some fun facts about family members – all at about the same age. It can be a great gift for everyone in the family. Perhaps have one called “The ’90’s’ with pics and stories from the whole family about events in the 90’s. Etc.


What were we thinking! Solicit family members to send in pics of their worst fashion choices ever. Each picture should be accompanied with an explanation of ‘Why!” Create a proud family collage. You might take votes and crown the winner.

Family Memory Game

Use photos from your whole family – including pets or favorite toys or … For those of you who may be new to the game, all the ‘cards’ are face down. Each person gets to turn two cards over. The goal is to find – and win – pairs. The person with the most pairs is the winner. How nice would it be to see a family memory with each flip of a card. Great gift idea.

Full-Family Sleuthing

Your Culture Sleuth sends out monthly questions to any family members who want to participate. The responses are gathered / combined and posted with the next months question.

Dance Party

Create a holiday tradition. At noon on each holiday – everyone learns a dance together from one of the older ‘pros.’ Families can zoom in. You might start with one from the ’50’s – and – once people (sort of) get the hang of it, bring on the kids team to teach a current dance move. You might want to have ace bandages and rotating fans available. Videos would be a requirement.

Family Book Club

Gather and post responses to questions about favorite books as a child, favorite characters, and books that they would recommend. You might set a zoom call time a few nights a week when a senior family member reads their favorites to the young kids. See if anyone can recommend books that teach about your family’s heritage.

Family Deejay

Create and share playlists with links to favorite TV theme songs or teen songs or holiday music or lullabies or ….

Roots Revival

Get different members of your family to share/teach something about your family’s roots. Learn basic phrases, share unique traditions, music, best recipes – and – of course – some fun exclamations. Sacre blue! Oy!

The End – or – more correctly – The Beginning.

Stay in touch.

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