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Questions – Two Ways Into the Exploration

There are many wonderful ways to get to the heart of the matter. You will be following your own instincts once everyone gets comfortable with the process.

We have created lists of questions for you – questions to make it easy for you to get started. They are organized in two ways – two ways into the same conversations.

Artistic Disciplines route

Can you tell me about your favorite story when you were a kid? What did you like about it?

Core Identifiers route

Did your family have ‘rules’ about how boys and girls should act differently?

Quick Start
Some fun questions to practice Sleuthing
What can you tell me about your mom and dad? Did they like to laugh? Do you know anything about when they were kids?
What were your favorite television shows when you were a kid? Did you watch them as a family?
Were there popular dances when you were a teen? Can you teach me?
When you were growing up, did you ever hide your real feelings about something at school? Did you act like something didn’t hurt when it really did? Why?
Clothing & Appearance
Did kids in your school ever get teased about their appearance? What kinds of things did they get teased about? Clothes? Hair? Weight? Glasses?
Visual Arts
Tell me about your bedroom when you were a kid. What did you put on your walls? Did you have a favorite poster?
When you were in school, did kids ever get teased about not being boyish or girlish enough? What did they say?
Did you have friends whose families believed differently from your family? Did it make any difference in how you played together?
Were most of the kids at your school the same race or was there a lot of diversity? Did everyone play together?
Did you have friends who were richer or poorer than you? Tell me about visiting their homes. What did you notice? Did you change how you acted with them?
Did your parents ever make you play a sport that you weren’t good at – or didn’t enjoy? Can you tell me about it?
(These questions could make for a fun and informative outing. Planning and visiting a local Fire House, Law Enforcement, Hospital or Seminary or …. anyplace where uniforms are required. That District Court Judge is waiting for your call. Be sure to learn how to address these professionals before visiting.)
How does it make you feel if someone else wearing the uniform behaves badly?
Touch on all of the cultural influences in one grouping.
When you were growing up, did your family act out their feelings (like being huggy-kissy – or disagreeing – loudly) or did they keep their feelings on the inside? Did you get lots of hugs?
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