Visual Arts

We absorb images as fast as the eye can see, sometimes zipping right past consciousness. Just too much to process too quickly. We may get an impression. A feeling.

Curating Living Space

We each create our home world – the surroundings in which we relax, connect and rebuild. Often we populate this space with images and mementos that inspire us and remind us about the people who are important to us. Just seeing images in the background of our lives gets into our subconscious. This is especially important for minority races and ethnicities who navigate in the dominant culture all day.

Children need to see evidence that people who look and sound like them are “present.” Who do they see on the walls? Magazine covers? Bookshelves? What music is the soundscape of their early lives? Soon enough they will be in that outside world, but it is great to know that they already have some sense of the fullness of their own heritage.

Symbols & Images

Zuni fetishes are a great example of the power of imagery. Each animal figure brings people into its unique strengths and characteristics. They can be conjured up when the situation demands. The same is true for other items – other favorite things. We get real strength just by seeing and holding reminders of people who lead the way. Or pictures of grandpa. Or that note from a hero.

There is so much history and depth and fun to be had by understanding our heritage. Get it front and center in our lives. Cultural dietary guidelines.