Campaign Music

It is safe to assume that all politicians look for quick, easy and inexpensive ways to connect with potential voters. They understand and leverage the fact that music goes straight to people’s emotions – like an irresistible hook into memories and a sense of belonging. Yes, the lyrics may matter – but what is most important is picking familiar tunes that connect to positive feelings, that connect to positive group memories. In other words, by conjuring up that ‘can-do-anything-the-world-is-my-oyster’ feelings we had when we danced together unencumbered and free. 

When a song is right – we find ourselves dancing in their tent. We can then experience a kind of cognitive dissonance if we are at odds with what the campaign stands for. But the music! I love the music! What to do?!?

Candidates and their campaigns leverage the heck out of their favorites. After the promotional pieces, the testimonials and the speeches, the music blasts, confetti and balloons fall from the sky and choreographed placards dance through the crowds. 

But what if an artist does not support a candidate using their work? 

Check out these articles to get a sense of the musical dynamics of campaigns. – SA

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