Bunnies. Eggs. Lambs.

If Spring didn’t exist naturally, we would have to find a way to invent it. How glorious is this time when we experience the whispers of warmer days. It hasn’t just been a long winter. It has been a long year.

As sophisticated as we become – the more we live urban lives with more pavement than grass and bramble – every cell in our body is still attuned to the passing of seasons. If we were grass, we would be thinking about poking up a green sprig or two. But we are people and we think, instead, about our own new beginnings. Fresh starts.

So many of our calendar and religious holidays align with this naturally hopeful time. We repent to shed the old so we are ready for the new. A rebirth.

So bring on the bunnies and eggs and lambs. Bring on that squeaky plastic grass for the baskets – because it’s green. And it’s spring.

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