Architecture & Home Design

Working class homes can be high density, high productivity. Within those walls people must maximize every inch. Rooms are small and often packed with all the elements of the family’s daily lives – clothes, places to cook, study, repair, do laundry, eat with family, welcome visitors, display important reminders about faith, school, hobbies, etc. – and find privacy. People move through these close quarters never getting very far away from one another. Function and clutter prevail.

Home design starts playing a role in middle class homes. There is more room for people to spread out. You find specialty spaces like a dining room, mudroom, TV or rec room, etc. There is also more space to display art or antiques, making each home a reflection of the family’s uniqueness.

High status homes, where financial constraints are few, reflect the work of high-end architects, designers and artists. Vistas, cathedral ceilings, walls of glass – and floor plans that can rival museums.

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