Yo-Yo Ma and the Meaning of Life

I LOVE Yo-Yo Ma. This interview by David Marchese is long and lingering and made me happy. I hope you enjoy. Here’s one nice clip about music’s ability to get people unstuck.

Where does emotion come into this? What does this have to do with healing or solace? Let’s say if you’re depressed and you’re stuck, you’re essentially kind of paralyzed. Your neurons are operating at low level and low capacity. Music is a stimulus. You respond to it, but you’re responding subconsciously to something that makes your brain active.

So the ingenuity of Bach’s music fires the neurons, which causes positive feelings? Exactly. In a way, it’s the Socratic method: Musically, the Suites are asking, “How would you find an answer?” Maybe that’s all a fantasy of mine, but the evidence is that people find something in this music. I know I do.

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