Why You Feel Hungry When You See The Color Red

There are certain shades that will made you want to eat more than others, and red is one of those. So why do you feel hungry when you see the color red? The psychology behind that is really interesting.

What it really comes down to isn’t a matter of aesthetics, but of color psychology, which dates back a very long time. Color professor J.L. Morton told Care2 that our earliest ancestors associated certain kinds of foods with specific colors: they avoided blue, black, or purple foods, associating them with toxic or spoiled objects, which could explain why, today, so many people don’t like food being the color blue. But what about red? What is it about this color make us so hungry?

Research has shown that the color blue turns people off from food, and that black and purple colors are also ones we tend to avoid when looking at food.

Basically, what it comes down to is this: red is a color that generally makes us feel happy, attracted to something, and energetic. And when we feel those things, we can experience an increased metabolism or heart rate, both of which could make us hungry. Pretty interesting!

By Jessica Booth, So Yummy

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