Why visual design has never been more important for educating the masses

Visual communication is so monumental on social media when it comes to giving exposure to these social issues. A few of my clients have asked for social graphics to communicate about the recent protests and relay information to their customers. As messages are being spread about the equal rights movement, visual communication has become the art of educating others. For example, more people were recently educated about Juneteenth, which is a celebration of the day that enslaved people were freed in America two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s a very significant event in history. Design made it become an easily shareable piece of content on social media. It’s been fulfilling for many people to share this information. Design is all about educating people: letting them know why things are happening and why it’s important.

Denishia Macon, as interviewed by Suzanne LaBarre of Fast Company Magazine.

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