Via Dolorosa – Close-ups on the faces of Spanish Holy Week convey the rapture of group ritual

15-minute video. A gorgeous intimate film bringing viewers deep into the personal experiences of members of the Catholic brotherhood as they carry the massive thrones. – SA

In the coastal Mediterranean city of Málaga, home to one of Holy Week’s most historic and famed celebrations, processions feature massive tronos (thrones or floats). Intricately adorned with Christian imagery, some of these structures are so massive that they must be carried by dozens of men who have trained for the task. Along the route – called Via Dolorosa (‘Way of Sadness’) in reference to Jesus’ final walk through Jerusalem – tronos are often accompanied by the sound of military drums and the scent of candles, held by women in tow. Streetside crowds greet them with roaring applause and even the occasional serenade of a mournful flamenco verse. …

Director Menno Otten & Cinematographer Lennart Verstegen for Psyche Magazine

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