This Is How I Feel: A Playlist By Young Black Listeners

In “Mortal Man,” Kendrick Lamar says, “In my opinion / Only hope that we kinda have left is music and vibrations / Lot a people don’t understand how important it is.”

Makeda Daniel, 22, foundation advisor living in Boston, Mass. identified Solange’s “Weary” One song in particular that’s been on repeat for me during this time is Solange’s “Weary” from her album A Seat at the Table. For me, this song embodies the emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion that I (and many others) feel. Whether it be through the jazz ensemble or explicitly through her lyrics, Solange articulates the conflict of belonging, power and identity within a society — all things that have been replaying in my own head as I begin to process the horrible events that are currently taking place, and have been, to Black people for hundreds of years.

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