These 7-year-old triplets want Costco to stop separating boys and girls clothing. The company said it’s listening.

One day the sisters noticed that the clothing options assigned to girls were limited. An Adidas tracksuit in two of Sofia’s favorite colors — red and black — was labeled for “boys,” while a pink and gray one was designated for girls. Towel robes with whimsical shark and dinosaur hoods weren’t assigned to a gender, but the matching swimsuits were only available for boys.

It didn’t make sense to the girls. While Victoria doesn’t mind flowery or pink clothing, Madeleine loves black and neon green (“I think I look great in it,” she said) and Sofia favors black, white and red. They say the separation of “boys” and “girls” colors is silly — the kind of thing you might hear from a classmate in preschool but not from adults.

“Girls have the right to wear this stuff, too, just like boys have the right to wear that stuff. Why do people treat each other like that?” said Sofia.

By Anne Branigin, The Lily, The Washington Post

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