The Power of Harmony: Musical, Spiritual and Environmental

How these cycles of seasonal ceremonies create harmony with Mother Earth may seem a sort of supernatural metaphysical mystery but that could not be further from the truth. There is a growing body of remarkable research and exciting ‘discoveries’ supporting the positive effect that music, as a blend of harmonious frequencies and vibrations, has not just on humans and animals, but also on plants that react to sound vibrations even at the seed stage. In fact, exposure to certain musical frequencies may be essential in some circumstances, changing plant metabolism, and improving growth and yield. 

A study published in The International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences found that music not only accelerates growth of plants but also significantly influences the concentration of various metabolites. Research published in the International Journal of Agriculture and Plant Science found that music not only increased oxygen uptake, “the frequencies in these vibrations facilitate the physiological processes like nutrient absorption, photosynthesis, protein synthesis and an overall development of healthier plants with better yield.” Additionally, this study looked at the positive effect of religious chanting on plant growth.

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