The millennials redefining sexy

In the post-#metoo era, and thanks to increased visibility and activism from feminist groups and the LGBTQ community, as well as high-profile celebrities, attitudes to how sexuality is viewed and presented has changed, she adds.

“Women are turning away from legacy brands in favour of digitally-savvy labels that have built strong communities around a shared set of values. Women are looking for lingerie that makes them feel good, while also offering comfort and functionality.” The new lingerie movement is all about body confidence and comfort, she adds. An increasing number of lingerie brands use diverse models of varied body types and un-retouched photography. …

But Arnold suggests that while the rules of underwear have changed, the appetite to alter the appearance of the body has not. “It’s interesting how the purpose of underwear can be multiple – even  during one period”, she says. “While the trend is towards softer, more comfortable underwear, the rise in shapewear, going to the gym and plastic surgery show that the desire to alter your body – from within or without – persists and will not disappear, just change in relation to contemporary ideals and technology.”

By Libby Banks, BBC

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