The future of the Black church will include its musical heritage

From spirituals to hymnody, and traditional Black gospel to the contemporary; the music of the Black church has always heralded the messages of its people, and its seasons of struggles and triumphs.

It would be unwise and unfair to lump all Black church music together. The styles, idioms and approaches to the music within the Black church reflect the diverse hues of those who worship there.

However, we all hold at least one thing in common: we do it from our souls.

As our society has shifted, many outside of the Black church no longer considere music the primary point for interaction and discussion of important issues. But it can still serve as an important rallying cry for many in the Black community, especially for those who look at our roots. …

Music is a very powerful tool. It has the ability to incite, disarm, comfort and encourage. It can cause one to be lifted from his present state to a new disposition, to go from despair to euphoria. The infusion of that thing called “soul” and the freedom of the “Spirit” give the Black church the power needed to transform lives and point people toward heaven.

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