The best thing to do when covid relented? Dance, dance the night away.

Humans have been dancing together for a very long time. We have danced through ice ages and migrations, through mass extinctions and wars of ever-greater scale and sophistication. We have danced our way out of the wilderness and into the cities.

Nightclubs are not usually the places for such equivocation. They revel in their ability to temporarily obliterate the divisions and conflicts of the real world in the effervescence of shared belonging. In Berlin, for example, it was the fall of the wall in 1989 that truly initiated the city’s now legendary techno scene, as music first nurtured in the West met new devotees and a wonderland of abandoned Soviet architecture in the East.

“The unification of Germany happened on the dance floor,” record producer Mark Reeder recalled. “It didn’t happen in politics until much later.”

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