Radhika Jones on Icons, Fame, and Evolution

Underscoring my graduate work was my fundamental belief that what you read—the voices who shape your imaginative and intellectual life—matters. Same goes for what you watch, what you see. And that it is incumbent on us, as astute readers and observers, to question the cultural hierarchies that are handed down to us. They are not natural or foreordained; they were built by the gatekeepers who came before.

Our mission at Vanity Fair is to capture the zeitgeist. That includes defining the new creative class, an ongoing project of rebuilding. We feel that responsibility especially keenly at this moment, when it seems as if our ways of seeing each other may be shifting, finally. What can one person’s face on a magazine cover accomplish, in this context? It can add to our pantheon of people whose work and ambition we aspire to. That is no small thing.

By Radhika Jones, Editor, Vanity Fair

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