Please Enjoy the Quarantine Genius of “Swan Lake Bath Ballet”

No need for a stage – perhaps we can all perform ballet at home in the same way people are recreating classic paintings. Might be a good idea to have a phone queued up to 911 before you begin. – SA

That old saying about limitations breeding creativity—hat tip to Orson Welles—has never felt more relevant than in these lockdown days. Here’s the latest brilliant dance project born (hatched?) of quarantine restrictions: “Swan Lake Bath Ballet,” a contemporary take on the classic featuring 27 A-list ballet dancers performing from their own bathtubs.

The BBC commissioned the project from choreographer Corey Baker. And while you might be imagining a lighthearted, soapy romp (full disclosure: that’s what we pictured when we first heard about “Swan Lake Bath Ballet” back in May), the result has striking beauty and complexity, as well as some gentle splashstick humor.

By Margaret Fuhrer, DanceSpirit

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