In Nigeria, art is spreading the word about police brutality

Nigeria’s #EndSARS movement against police brutality has generated more than 150 mass protests in cities across the country over recent weeks, with demonstrations intensifying after Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) federal police reportedly fired live rounds and used brute force on protesters at the Lekki toll plaza in Lagos on 20 October. The movement has prompted solidarity protests around the world, including in London, New York, Berlin and Washington, DC.

In an effort to draw global attention to the issue, visual artists across Nigeria created protest art spanning photography, video, illustration and painting at an unprecedented rate. Their work highlighted how and why many young Nigerians were fighting simply for the right to live. Many of these artists put their own safety in jeopardy to make these works and now, according to some, are at risk of being exploited by the art market.

By Ayodeji Rotinwa

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