How Music Soothes Us

What is it about certain melodies that can relax our nerves and rock us to sleep? We explore the science of calming music with pianist Rosey Chan. …

Shuka Kalantari So if someone is feeling soothed by a lullaby, what would be happening to our skin?

Mila Bertolo Basically what’s happening here is that whenever you have any kind of emotional reaction to something doesn’t need to be a huge emotional-reactivity. But even very subtle things, like the difference between looking at a picture of a chair versus looking at a picture of someone you’re very familiar with, there’s a subtle amount of reactivity there that is detectable at the surface of the skin as increased, basically like pore sweat activity. …

Mila Bertolo Infants can’t survive on by themselves, they need a lot of attention and care from their parents and some things are obvious, like when a caregiver gives them food or shelter and some things are not obvious, like a parent’s reassurance to their child that I’m not only here right now, but I reassure you I will forever be here. And these kinds of things, because especially when a kid is preverbal, the way an adult can signal that to an infant is with this kind of credible signal that like, look, I’m investing all this energy and producing this beautiful signal for you, purposefully, for you. I’m not making these sounds, like, randomly. And it’s these kinds of emotional reassurances, basically, that an infant is after, which is why hearing this signal that is very expensive for an adult to produce, they could be using that energy for other things is what is really reassuring for a listener.

By UCLA Berkley – Science of Happiness

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