Has the Pandemic Changed the Way We Dress and Present Ourselves Forever?

It is not just about sweatpants. For many, the pandemic has radically changed their attitude to fashion and self-image—and how they intend to present themselves in the future.

Before the pandemic, Kiri Anne Ryan Stewart worked as a graphic designer in an office where she was the only trans employee. Stewart, who uses she/they pronouns and also identifies as non-binary, had to learn how to dress to make her colleagues comfortable.

“I was dressing and presenting myself in a way that was palatable to straight people,” Stewart, who is 35 and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, told The Daily Beast. “That wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was what I had to do. I wanted to present in a way that made me feel good and signal my queerness in a way that’s important to me, but also didn’t offend these expectations the people around me have. It was very, very challenging and exhausting to be honest.”

I started to lean into things that reflected who I am as a queer woman and a non-binary person, that signal what culture I belong to.”

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