Getting Tipsy at Home in Your Underwear

A Finnish tradition known as “pantsdrunk” is gaining favor with Americans stuck at home.

The Finns have a tradition of getting drunk at home in their underwear. It’s so commonplace there is a word for it, “kalsarikännit,” as well as two emojis: a man in gray underwear with pint of beer, and a woman in a polka-dot slip with a glass of red wine.

In English, the rough translation is “pantsdrunk.” And if there was ever a time for pantsdrunk to become a trend in America, it’s probably now, when people are self-isolating at home.

“I don’t always drink in my underwear, but when I do, I tell everyone it’s a Finnish tradition,” said Miles Teller, the 33-year old actor, on Twitter on March 19. …

While pantsdrunk may seem like just another excuse to drink at home, there are key differences. The person does not intend to go out afterward, so it is not a pre-gaming session. And the dress code is beyond lax. If swilling in sweatpants seems cozy, quaffing in underwear is an entirely other level of comfort.

By Alyson Krueger, The New York Times

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