Gender, age divide in new bullying study

Students’ emotional resilience is linked to their chances of being victimised, with less resilient students more likely to suffer from harassment, new research shows.

Researchers at Flinders University, Australia and the University of Thessaly in Greece also found that female students display lower emotional resilience, along with older students.

Higher levels of resilience and wellbeing tended to go with being bullied less often, being a boy, and being younger.

These results are troubling for female and older students, since existing research suggests that resilient adolescents are less likely to be either victims or bullies, and to suffer less emotional damage from bullying scenarios.

“These results show that bullied adolescents may develop different ways of protecting themselves from bullying, depending on their age and gender,” say researchers Flinders University’s Dr Grace Skrzypiec and visiting research fellow Dr Eleni Didaskalou.

By Dr Eleni Andreou, from the University of Thessaly

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