From an Instagram joke to an Alec Baldwin rant: The Hilaria Baldwin accent controversy, explained

Before this past week, Hilaria Baldwin (nee Hilary Hayward-Thomas) was only known to most as the yoga instructor and lifestyle podcaster who wed the “30 Rock” actor back in 2012.  … Well, the Beacon Hill Times article did confirm the family’s connection to Spain — but as a summer destination, not a motherland. It noted that David Thomas, who studied Spanish literature at Pennsylvania’s Haverford College, “speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys vacationing in Spain and Mexico.”

Some on social media have wondered what the harm is in Baldwin passing herself off as Spanish — a layered question. As many of her critics (including the author of the thread that started it all) pointed out, her public image and statements about it evoke the otherness that people of immigrant backgrounds often feel. …

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