Decoding Trump vs Biden Attire

As Americans choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be their president this week, voting in one of the most divisive presidential elections in US history, we thought it useful to look to style as a means of decoding their Big 5 psychological traits. After all, there is a strong relationship between both one’s Big 5 scores, style preference, values, and political affiliation. Here goes. …

Polling stations are open. Trump is not. The Openness scale has to do with how open-minded one is. Those that score lower on Openness are considered to be closed to experience. They tend to be conventional and traditional in their outlook and behavior. Higher scorers are open to new experiences, people and ways of looking at the world. In line with much of Republican doctrine, Trump’s whole “making America great again” campaign has been rooted in low-openness, rejecting change, and various groups of people. We see this sartorially in his devout dedication to suits, ill-fitting though they may be. Biden, on the other hand, knows how to do an off-duty look. Naturally, as a Democrat, Biden is much

By PSYKHE Magazine

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