Dolls That Failed

Menopausal Woman – She’s burning hot, she doesn’t sleep, and her bones are turning to powder. But guess what? When she gets angry enough, she can fly. Comes with comfortable jeggings and three bold, breathable tops.

Teen-age Boy – On the cusp of manhood, with all the innocence of a child and the body hair of an adult. His patented Teen Gaze® looks through you, judges you, and avoids you, all at once. This sullen, huggable little guy will never admit it, but he still needs you.

Fetus – This tiny tot is a hundred per cent pure potential! If you wish you could exist in those delicious seconds before a gender reveal, we’ve got the baby doll for you. So very unformed, this protein nugget is going to take you on an embryonic journey that’ll last forever. …

By Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, The New Yorker

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