Bull masks and Boneteros: Carnival is canceled in Mexico, but lavish costumes live on

In the state of Veracruz, some communities celebrate Carnival from February to May, during the end of the sugar-cane-cutting season. But this year, because of the pandemic, celebrations have been canceled to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Still, people have found a way to celebrate at home.

The main character of the Tuzamapan Carnival is the “Bonetero,” named after a large hat made of paper and wood. Men wear the hat with a wooden mask that covers their identity and carry a large, wooden machete as part of their costume.

In Almolonga, people dress in colorful bull masks, which are a sign of masculinity and also sin, and they dance and celebrate in the streets.

By Hector Adolfo Quintanar Pérez, The Washington Post

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