Bill Nighy’s Obsessions, Onscreen and Off

This interview gives a fun peek into how a person’s class is communicated through their fashion choices. – SA Bill Nighy – “I used to be a bit squeamish about V-neck jumpers, but I’m much more relaxed now; they have to be very small and they have to be neat and they have to be navy blue”—and a white button-down shirt. “I had nothing but blue shirts, so I made a conscious decision to get out of that trap,” he said. “The look is—I suppose we’re going for a well-turned-out librarian. Librarian chic.”

When buttoning a three-button jacket, Nighy explained, it’s sometimes for the top one, always for the middle, and never for the bottom.“If you meet a man with the bottom button done up, call a cab. He’s not currently functioning—you shouldn’t be breathing the same air.”

By Sarah Larson, The New Yorker

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