Being Fat Is Not A Moral Failure. Here’s How To Teach Your Kids That.

Parents, let’s teach our children to break the cycle and stop assigning moral value to weight loss or weight gain.

Growing up in the ’90s, Jessica Sprengle could name all the big fad diets of the day: Weight Watchers, Atkins, the South Beach diet, SlimFast ― you name it, her parents and other family members had tried it.

Offhand comments about bodies, both hers and their own, were often made in her house, and weight gain rarely went unnoticed.

“I can distinctly remember one of my grandmothers asking me, at maybe 9 or 10, if I could believe ‘how fat [she’d] gotten,’” Sprengle told HuffPost. “Though it was never explicitly stated that my body was a problem or that I should do something to change my body, I internalized the message that being OK with my body was not an option and that I should always be working toward losing weight or pushing toward thinness.” …

By Brittany Wong Huffington Post

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