Beauty and the bloke: why more men are wearing makeup

Foundation, concealer, a little eyeliner… More and more men now put on makeup on a daily basis. Priya Elan meets the influencers behind the trend – and has a makeover himselfAnd yet today something (ie my big face) is looking very different. “You look really good!” a friend says, quickly eyeing my face to work out why.  …

I consider myself in the mirror and it looks as if I’ve used a very flattering Instagram filter on my face. My wife looks disparagingly at me when I say this out loud. She disagrees: “That’s a nice sentence, but you look the same.” And she’s right. In my neurotic panic at being found out for painting my face, I didn’t really factor in the possibility that absolutely no one would notice. Which shows how far men’s makeup has come.

By Priya Elan, The Guardian

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