A Notoriously Hateful Japanese Composer’s Music Just Opened the Tokyo Olympics

In yet another tone-deaf move, organizers used a song by a virulently homophobic and ultranationalist figure to open the Olympics—despite many warnings it might go over very badly.

TOKYO—The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, which are supposed to celebrate the world’s diversity and harmony, have been plagued with scandals—and COVID-19. They’ve come to symbolize xenophobiadiscrimination, and cruelty—and Friday night, we can add homophobia and historical revisionism to the mix.

It’s no surprise that Japan’s pacifist Emperor Naruhito and his wife, Masako, the empress, wanted to skip the Opening Ceremonies. The emperor stealthily voiced his concerns that the Games would be bad for Japan a month ago and his worst fears are coming true.

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