A new way of living and dressing

“Fashion is a potent visual marker of our times,” says Caroline Stevenson, head of cultural and historical studies at London College of Fashion. “Trend analysis of any given era will reveal society’s values and aspirations.” 

There is also the urge to nest. “As we navigate an uncertain future, clothing will become less a tool for shaping outward identities and more an extension of our homes, offering comfort and reliability amidst global turbulence,” says Stevenson. “We are no longer dressing to be seen. Our priorities have shifted to demand maximum comfort. We are now more likely to value ‘well-loved,’ ‘cosy’ and ‘worn-in’ garments that allow us to move with ease. [They represent] the antithesis of fast fashion and an entirely new understanding of style beyond visual representations of identity,” she adds. On one day in March, menswear brand Band of Outsiders sold more than a 1,000 sweatshirts. 

By Bel Jacobs, BBC

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